From Academia: Why Police Departments Don’t Change


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shediac1981,to serve & protect,shediac town policeAddressing Police Brutality

“The only effective mechanism for addressing police brutality is top-down, systemic reform of the police organization itself…” The following is an article taken from the August Ha…


Source: From Academia: Why Police Departments Don’t Change

Thinking humbly that you are only one part of the whole picture, rather than, believing you are the only important part that matters might help…..

Surviving Trauma & Building Resilience in the Workplace; Fall Canadian Conference


Badge of Life Canada is pleased to announce our first Fall conference series with the first date on October 3, 2016, held at the Waterloo Regional Police Association building. There will be numerous academics, professionals and lived experience persons presenting various topics on Operational Stress Injuries, Addictions, and new treatment alternatives such as medical cannabis, equine […]

Surviving Trauma & Building Resilience in the Workplace – Fall Conferences

Who should attend:

  • police, fire, EMS, Corrections and military personnel,
  • OACP, Senior Officers Association, Police Service Boards,
  • Association representatives,
  • Medical & Health Care Professionals,
  • Employee Assistance & Wellness Units,
  • First Nations Support Workers,
  • Clergy & Spiritual Counsellors,
  • Human Resource Professionals,
  • Addictions & Social Workers,
  • Educators & Social Workers,
  • Family & loved ones of those members who are suffering

Registration is now open:  Surviving Trauma & Building Resilience in the Workplace

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2nd Annual Midwest Conference on 21st Century Policing

21st Century Policing Conference

2nd Annual Midwest Conference

on 21st Century Policing

Mark your calendars for Friday, September 16th for this important conference for police and community leaders. Register for the conference HERE. Draft Conference Agenda (May be subject to ch…

Learning From an Arrest


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The arrest of Genele Laird in June at East Towne can be a teachable moment for the Madison community. Many of us have seen the video of her arrest and, perhaps, the news conference in which the pol…

Ottawa Peace Keepers Victims-1 Ottawa Peace Keepers Victims-2

Learning From an Arrest

How to Build Something Great

Pillars of the Earth

In the historical novel, Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett describes the lives and struggles of those who built the great cathedrals of Europe. Those who first dug the footings of these immense str…

rcmp watch, a matter of human dignity

Source: How to Build Something Great

Moms in search of humanity


Our denial of our common humanity and the pain of those outside of our social circles or rung on the ladder or race or profession is blowing up in our collective faces. There is no other way to sa…

People shot by police in 2016

Responses to violence against women

Moms in search of humanity

What Should You Expect From Your Chief of Police?

shediac1981,shediac 1981,chief roger lavigne,Police Line, Do not cross
This past week I received a call from a journalist in San Francisco. He asked me if I thought a chief of police should hold a bachelor’s degree. Of course I said, he or she should most likely have …

So, you want to be a Chief of Police?

What Should You Expect From Your Chief?

shediac 1981,shediac1981,shediac rcmp marcel richard,shediac,Aug 5, 2016 Bourque, Clarence, Attempted Murder - File, 2008-239460-1


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